I tried the Choc Chip Bread in the slow cooker

Just pulled this out the slow cooker smells amazing. Looking forward to a slab with custard later on 


2.5 (320g) cups Self Raising flour

1 can condensed milk (397g)

Good hand full choc chips. 2.5 hours on high.

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 It’s the same as the banana loaf.  I substituted bananas for choc chips.

I just put the tin in. However it has gone a little crispy on the bottom so could be raised up. But i wouldn’t put water in as it would leave it over soggy on top. I actually did it with tea towel under the lid.

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I’ve got a spare wire rack from an old grill so I’m going to cut it twice to make 2 different sized shelves so i can have it at 2 different heights where ever needed.

Oh my god I’ve just sliced it and it tastes amazing. It is a bit crispy on the base so could raise it up or reduce time by 10 mins. But its amazing.

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You wont regret it. Takes about 5 mins to put together then just pop it in and leave it and carry on with daily activities. I’ve done it a couple times and it never fails to turn out great.

Here’s the chips i used. Not consistent with packet kits.

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And my flour that didnt come with any kit.

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By Alan Hogg

Members Question…. Is condensed milk the tin?

Alan Hogg Answer….  yes

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Member Question…. did you put it in a tin and a tea towel under lid cheers?

Alan Hogg Answer…. this tin with a paper liner and tea towel under lid.

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A paper loaf tin liner.

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Member Question…. Do I just chop banana up n mix it in lol?

Alan Hogg Answer…. I squashed it through my fingers… mix the flour and milk to form the batter. Then mix the squashed banana in.

Member Question…. What can i use instead of the milk please as i have none?

Alan Hogg Answer….  I wouldn’t have a clue if I’m honest. I’ve only ever done it with the milk.

Member Question…. How do you get the chocolate chips not to sink!

Alan Hogg Answer….  it’s quite a dense mix due to the milk so they dont sink all way to the bottom and the ones on the top I just sprinkled in once I’d sat it in to slow cooker.

Member Question…. Would this work in oven as well ?

Alan Hogg Answer….  I’m guessing so. Would just need maybe 30-40 mins at about 170-180.

Member Question…. I don’t have tin liners and probably won’t be able to get any x

Alan Hogg Answer….  Try grease tin with butter or tiny bit of oil maybe

Member Question…. Do I have to put some water in the SC?

Alan Hogg Answer…. No and put a tea towel under the lid to reduce moisture.

Member Question…. Could you line the tin with grease proof paper as I don’t have any liners?

Alan Hogg Answer…. I would have thought so. I’ve used that method with oven cooked cakes in the past.

Member Question…. That’s look amazing x do you have to put any grease proof paper down and you litterally add all that togther ? X

Alan Hogg Answer….  I did it in a loaf tin with a paper liner in it.


  1. I have just done it with condensed Carmel milk . Absolutely beautiful tastes like toffee cake love it and so easy


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