Easy Recipe For Slow Cooker Pea And Ham Soup

Hubbys gorgeous slow cooker Pea and Ham Soup

For Slow Cooker Pea And Ham Soup, 1bag washed Yellow Split Peas plaved in bottom of slow cooker. Large Ham Hock placed on top of peas. 1 carrot grated, 2 small potatoes peeled and chopped, about 2 cups chopped butternut pumpkin. 2 cubes chicken stocked crumbled and added to some water then add to SC. Add enough water to just cover hock. Put lid on cooker, cook on high for 3 hours then low for 3 hours.
When cooked remove hock to take off skin, blend soup then add back the shredded meat from hock. And yum yum yum!!!


Best Pea And Ham Soup Recipe

1x ham hock
1 brown onion chopped
3 carrots
2 .celery sticks
1 bag of split peas
2 tablespoons vegetable stock
3 bay leaf
Roughly 10 cups of water i forgot to count but as long as its covering the top

1 Layer the ham hock into the slow cooker
2 Add split peas
3 Cut up onion carrots and celery
4 Chuck them in
5 Add two teaspoons of garlic
6 add 2 tablespoons of vegetable stock
7 Add 1 to 3 bayleaves
8 Cover with water

Time frame 7:50am let it cook—–2:30 seperate the meat from the bones cut it up and put cut up meat back in until 6pm
By Jen klein


pea and ham soup slow cooker

2 ham hock
02 carrots
just 2 celery sticks
1 500g pkt yellow split peas with a cup and a hlf green lol
1 onion
8 cups of water
On low for 8hrs ( already had 2hrs lol)

Ps was worried it was going to spill over, but i think i might be safe.

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